Toddlers between the ages of six to ten months undergo a major growth spurt and begin to slowly leave behind their days of rolling over and trade in those skills for skills of crawling. Although a toddler starting to crawl is a milestone that every parent looks forward, there is one aspect that parents are not so fond of and that is the baby proofing of the house. According to some mothers, baby proofing is an absolute necessity and for others who like to keep their children limited to certain spaces, baby proofing is not a concern. It is often observed that most first time parents are the most diligent when it comes to baby proofing their homes so if you are a first time parents who is constantly anxious about stepping into parenthood, the information provided below will definitely ease your mind.

Store items away from reach

Home décor pieces such as antique vases, heavy items and fragile items should always be stored away from the reach of the toddler and the best way to ensure that everything in your home is out of reach for them is to get on your hands and knees and look at the world from their point of view and height.

You could even use furniture straps to hold your items down to the ground firmly so that your toddlers are unable to tip anything over or cause damage to your items. Even items as small as wire cords and various types of cords should be kept in cord holders that are attached to the walls in order to make sure that your toddlers do not manage to play with the electrical cables.

Limit roaming space

The best way to ensure that your kid never comes in contact with a kitchen knife or the gas is to make sure that your kids are never welcomed in the area of the house so contact your local plastic engineering in Brisbane company and buy some plastic panels that can be used to separate your kitchen from the rest of your house.

Instead of hiring professionals to the plastic welding work, you can buy panels materials straight from a local business and use it to separate and limit your kid’s access to areas such the kitchen, garage or the swimming pool.

Strict supervision

The earlier months of the development of a child is very important to their adult health so it is important to keep your kids safe during this time of development and growth. However if you have taken measures to baby proof your house, you can freely allow your kids to roam around the house but in instances when you take your kids outside, be very mindful of their actions because it usually takes them only about five seconds to pick up a few stones and shove it into their mouth before swallowing a handful of rocks.