Gaskets are known to be elements of industrial applications. They work effectively when it comes to adjoining joints. This will help to prevent conditions like leaks, enhance mountings and restrict vibration.

When it comes to the types of gaskets available, there are several kinds of them. They are classified by the material they are made from, its function and application. Usually, they are made from flexible and soft material which is placed in between two separate surfaces. Gaskets come with efficient pump packings installation. Here we will gain an idea about the different kinds of gaskets available along with its uses.

Gaskets and its classification as per the kind of materials they are made from:
Gaskets generally tend to adapt to the characteristic of the material with which it is manufactured. They are made from different kinds of materials. This is done so because it starts to hold on to the resistance effect of certain kinds of chemicals, pump packings and pressure used, and due to extreme temperatures.

Rubber Gaskets: 

Rubber turns out being a very effective soft gasket material from gasket manufacturer Melbourne. It is used for different purposes, such as for heat exchangers, pipe gaskets and several other works. They are in fact quite much in demand and used in a flotilla of fields. 

Cork Gaskets:

When fused along with rubber, cork gaskets help to provide high amount of compression. They also turn out being quite flexible in nature. These gaskets are quite commonly used in fields which have to deal with fuel, oil and solvents.

Gaskets and its repertoire of uses:

Along with the composition part, gaskets tend to be of huge benefit for industrial work and application. It comes with anti vibration feature, is used for sealing and for mounting purpose. These turn out being the most important uses of gaskets.


Undeniably, one of the most vital functions of a gasket is to seal. In fact, the prime function of gasket is to prevent leaking. Most of the agents used for sealing are made of rubber. This is because, rubber turns out being an outstanding way to block water.

Environmental Seals:

Gaskets come out being extremely handy when you want to stay away from dust, and dirt particles. These kinds of gaskets are known as environmental sealing gasket. They are usually used for enclosures which help controlling tools, which is a necessity for large industrial operation.

Anti Vibration:

We all know that all kinds of machines, small or big, will generate frequency and vibration. Gaskets also come with anti vibration pads. These help to slow down or disrupt frequency and vibration. Also, the gadget or machine does not undergo much damage and would last longer.