If you are an activist and you want to create awareness about your cause, you need to find creative ways of getting your message across to your target audience. Keep in mind that activism work is very much like working in marketing because the concept is more or less the same. You will have a target group of people that you will need to reach and you will need to find creative and of course, the least expensive ways of reaching the most amount of people within that target audience. If you do not have much funding, then you will not have much money to spend on the activism work that you do. Therefore, you will have to look for free or low cost ideas for the work that you do.

Slogans on merchandise

Unlike with marketing and branding for a company however, you will not be able to do your activism all the time as you must also have a full time job and therefore, one of the best ways to create awareness for a cause without having to invest much time and effort in to it is to print out merchandise for your activist group that does not require you to actively participate in activism but will still do the job for you. You will need to find a company that has an t shirt printing machine price that can print your slogan tee shirts, slogan bags and other merchandise for a low cost.

If you print them in big numbers, you can print them for a very low cost.If you have funding or a budget, you might even be able to buy your own printer but until then, you will have to find a company that offers dtg printing services here that you can use to print merchandise and also, sell to likeminded people with a small markup as a fund raiser. This would also be a great way to collect money for your cause.It is also important for you to use the internet for your activism work because social media is the best way to reach thousands of people without having to invest any money at all. Even big companies are using social media to reach out to their young target audience because social media and the internet are taking the world by storm while traditional media is slowly but surely dying. You can study internet marketing strategies and use these strategies in your activism work to reach as many people as possible without having to spend money at all.